Harmony San Fransisco

Femme Fatale, Criminal


5’9", Dark Brown Hair, Slight Latin Features


Being raised in one of the many orphanages in the San Francisco area during the early 1900’s started Julia Santiago on a path that many would consider dubious in nature. Being remanded to one of these establishments at the age of three after the death of her mother, Julia knew nothing but life in the orphanage and all the torment and loneliness that goes along with it. Despite when the nuns told her, Julia always “knew” that her father would rescue her one day, if he only knew where she was. Julia decided one day after a particularly nasty canning for some small indiscretion that she would just have to find him instead. Sneaking into the records room one night, she was able to find a name and address for her father. She escaped a few days later and in the coming weeks she was able to track her father down to a dirty apartment in the bad part of town, not to far from the orphanage all things considered. It was here where Julia’s path was really determined. Her father, as it turned out, did not even know she existed and as such did not care to have anything to do with his supposed daughter. Julia, heart broken, decided that night that she did not need anyone to get by. It was she who survived the orphanage. It was she broke in to the records room undetected and tracked down her deadbeat father. And it was she who took anything he had of value out from under his nose that same evening, the one small act of revenge she could exact upon the man who had crushed the only dream she ever had. From that point on, Julia made a life for herself on the streets. She found out very quickly that she had a knack for taking things that did not belong to her and getting away with it. As she grew older, stealing things became easier and easier. Not only was she naturally good at it, but her blossoming womanhood did nothing help in her endeavors. It’s amazing how easy men are to manipulate with a smile and a little attention. As time passed, Julia gained more and more experience in her criminal exploits and eventually moved on to bigger and bigger jobs. She moved away from San Francisco and on to more exotic locales all across the globe. Julia now has more wealth than she could possibly know what to do with, yet she still has the desire for the next job. It is hard for Julia to stay still for long, moving from place to place, changing names and identity’s as needed to stay ahead of the authorities. This type of lifestyle and the notoriety to go along with her “heists” Julia has earned quite the reputation. Now working under a new name, Harmony San Francisco, she has become a highly sought after person, by both the authorities of multiple countries and the criminal underworld, albeit for different reasons. Recently, Harmony has been hired by a new client with a similar reputation to her own, which brings her to New York City, where she is set to continue to build upon her reputation.

Harmony San Fransisco

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