Vincent Danger

World renowned explorer and adventurer.


Vincent Danger is a man of both sophisticated poise and derring-do. He was surely a handsome man in his youth, and retains most of his charisma in his old age. His slick brown and silver hair along with his pencil mustache have become a staple of his appearance. While his body may have become more frail with the arrival of his twilight years, a fire still burns in the eyes of this legendary adventurer.

Portrayed by Christopher Plummer.


“I’ve traveled around the world and back. Seen things no man has ever seen. And yet…it’s never enough.”

- Vincent Danger

Most anyone who know the name Vincent Danger, are aware of the exciting exploits that captured the imagination of so many during the turn of the century. Along with his colorful band of friends, Danger made a name for himself traveling the world with a thirst for adventure and mystery. From uncovering ancient tombs in search of lost artifacts to standing toe to toe with a variety of villainy such as the sinister Doctor Zheng, Danger has become somewhat of a modern legend. In more recent years however, he has developed into a recluse, shutting himself away from the world, making only rare appearances. Some say this change in character was brought on by the death of his son during The Great War, but only the very few who are counted as family and friend know for sure.

Vincent Danger

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