Character Creation


Follow the rules presented in Savage Worlds: Deluxe for creating characters, with the following exceptions:

  • Characters begin play at the Seasoned Rank (see pg. 43 SWD).
  • Players are expected to choose from the Archetype and Motif options presented below.
  • Be sure to refer to the list of approved Skills and Edges.

Pulp characters are somewhat different from their traditional roleplaying counterparts. As such, the following options have been presented in order to aid players in character creation. Below is a list of Archtypes and Motifs. Archtypes are a summary of a character’s traits and abilities; styles that best suit a pulp adventure story. Motifs are an added flavor, assisting players in cultivating interesting backgrounds and personalities. During character creation, each player selects one archtype and one motif. In order to maximize party variety, no option should be selected more than once by the group.

Archetypes Motifs
The Archeologist The Criminal
The Femme Fatale The G Man
The Gearhead The Kid
The Investigator The Progeny
The Mystic The Soldier
The Tough Guy The Veteran


The Archeologist
Dangerous Journeys draws influences from adventure classics such as Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider. Therefore, the campaign will revolve fairly heavily around exploration and ancient artifacts (both mystical and mundane). The archeologist is an explorer, venturing into uncharted lands, carefully walking the balance between a man of adventure and a master of antiquity.

The Femme Fatale
A woman of mystery and seduction, the femme fatale is a staple of classic pulp stories. Sex appeal however, are rarely her only exploits. Femme fatales are deadly characters with a penchant for subterfuge, who capitalize on an enemy’s lowered guard. Players who are not comfortable with playing a female may instead play “The Ladykiller”, which is a male equivalent.

The Gearhead
The gearhead may take many forms. He could be a simple grease junkie with a passion for vehicles, facilitating the team as they travel exotic lands. Perhaps he is an inventor, peicing together technological marvels, walking the edge between genius and madman. The single point that brings these examples together is the love of the machine and technology as a whole.

The Investigator
A hard-boiled gumshoe, rough around the edges and unrelenting when it comes to solving a mystery. The Investigator is a man bent on uncovering the truth. From uncovering the activities of a dark cult, to thwarting the plans of fascist villains, he is sure to be the on unraveling the threads. While often not living the most glamorous of lives, the life of an investigator is never boring.

The Mystic
Pulp stories often contain elements of the weird and fantastic. The mystic is well-versed in the ways of the arcane, be it sorcery, martial arts, or any other strange talent. However, these abilities should focus less on the throwing of fireballs, and more on the support his teammates. The mystic also serves as a source of insight and wisdom to his cohorts, providing the tools necessary to defend themselves against terrible elder powers.

The Tought Guy
A life of adventure often brings you face to face with a wide variety of characters. Sometimes those characters need a nice, good bruisin’. This is where the tough guy comes in. He is the ultimate man of action and is always at trouble’s doorstep. He is a part of the team for one very simple reason: “when the going gets tough, the tough guy gets going!”


The Criminal
Prohibition and The Great Depression gave rise to a multitude of small-time and organized criminals. No matter the specifics, this character at one point found himself on the wrong side of the law, and trouble has followed ever since. Yet while society may have turned him away, there is a need for those who understand the dynamic of desperate times and desperate measures.

The G-Man
There are a great many people the government keeps close tabs on, such as domestic radicals, Nazi sympathizers, and globetrotting criminals. Vincent Danger is no exception. The g-man is a suit who ensures that the various activities and adventures the team undertakes fall within the United States’ best interest. He’s sometimes not the most popular part of the team, but his connections to Washington may prove invaluable.

The Kid
Traveling to uncharted lands in search of treasure seems like the last place to bring a child. Yet for whatever reason, this youngster has been established as a valuable asset to the team. Perhaps he is a ward to another character, or maybe he is some kind of wonderkid. Either way, the kid is the primary source of wide-eyed excitement and enthusiasm, often acting as the heart of the group.

The Progeny
This character is the grandson or granddaughter of world renown explorer and adventurer Vincent Danger. In his youth, he may have accompanied Vincent on some of his travels, experiencing both exotic places and perils. Since then, the two have grown distant, perhaps over a bitter feud. However, Vincent now wishes to pass the torch, and hopes he can hand over this responsibility into the hands of a Danger.

The Soldier
War is rarely in short supply, and no character knows this better than the soldier. He has seen the darkest side of humanity and has witnessed the horrors of the battlefield. Most importantly though, he survived. It is his experience in combat, his knowledge of the world, and his unbridled grit that makes him a natural addition to the team.

The Veteran
Back in the glory days, the veteran travelled the world with Vincent Danger. He was both accomplice and friend, often finding himself in dire straits right alongside the legendary explorer. Vincent is too old to cut his way through jungles in search of ancient ruins, so he now looks to the veteran as a man he can trust.

Character Creation

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