The Following is a comprehensive list of all of the available skills for the DANGEROUS JOURNEYS campaign. Several modifications to the original skill list from Savage Worlds Deluxe have been made and are detailed below.


Athletics (see below) Piloting
Boating Repair
Driving Riding
Fighting Shooting
Gambling Stealth
Heal Streetwise
Intimidation Survival
Knowledge (see below) Taunt
Lockpicking Throwing
Notice Tracking

Athletics (Strength)

The skills Climbing and Swimming have been combined into one, streamlined skill. Any reference to either of the former skills should now redirect to Athletics, including specific checks and edge requirements. Athletics may also be used in place of Strength for determining jump checks.

Knowledge (Smarts)

The following is a comprehensive list of Knowledge skills that are appropriate for the campaign. Areas of knowledge that do not fall easily into one of the designated categories should be considered Common Knowledge (see Common Knowledge Rules pg. 23 SWD).

  • Battle
    This knowledge represents tactical and battlefield knowhow and the ability to strategize Mass Battles (see pg. 92 SWD). This is not as important as it might seem for this campaign, but could prove useful in certain scenarios. A very likely candidate for the soldier.
  • Demolitions
    The pennacle skill for setting up and disarming bombs and other explosives. At least one person on the team should have this knowledge, most likely the gearhead or the soldier.
  • Electronics
    Although 1936 may seem grossly archaic when compared to today’s modern electronics, they are still a major part of everyday life. This skill is used for any complex or professionally trained task involving a variety of interfaces. Useful to any archtype.
  • History
    This represents a braid knowledge of historical people places and events. It will show up rather regularly and is the “calling-card” skill of the archeologist, though others may also find use as well.
  • Language
    This follows all the rules presented for purchasing languages (see pg 25. SWD), in addition to the languages grated by your Smarts die (see Setting Rules).
  • Law
    This knowledge is used to determine rules and customs according to different cultures and geographic locations. While not the most important skill in the list, it could prove useful considering the campaign’s globetrotting nature.
  • Occult
    The world is full of stranger things. Occult knowledge covers a wide range of weird and arcane topics, from sacred rituals to details of the supernatural. This is likely a very important skill for the Mystic.
  • Science
    This is a catch all skill covering virtually all areas of scientific knowledge. While there will be several adventures that will allow this skill to shine, other times may seem lacking.


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