Henry Danger

Archaeologist, Progeny


Vincent Danger III grew up in the shadow of his grandfather. It’s difficult not to when your grandfather is the fabled Vicent Danger. The hero and world renowned archaeologist. There were many a night young Vincent sat cross legged listing the the dazzling tales of his grand father’s adventures world wide.

When he wasn’t listening to stories, he would spend time in museums admiring the relics and history his grandfather was responsible for procuring. Vincent lived to study history, engrossing himself with every detail about the places his father has been. It was an Idea Vincent’s father James did not share. James Danger was a military man and ran his life accordingly. He did not have the love of history that his father and son for whom he was named were engrossed with. Young Vincent loved his father but there was always a distance that couldn’t be connected.

Life took a cruel turn when James Danger died tragically in France during The Great War. The death shook young Danger to his core. Vincent wanted more than to hear the stories his grand father told he wanted to experience the world for himself. He wanted to explore the tombs and crypts his grand father had cautiously uncovered. He wanted to be the one responsible for finding the mountains of gold and the rare artifacts the world has lost to time.

It was a point of view the Elder Vincent didn’t share. While he still loved his grandson their paths diverged. Vincent Sr believe all artifact found were to be placed a museum and the reward was the treasures given back to the world. Vincent III sot the fame and fortune. He wanted to be remember fondly by history. He made his way to the Far East, the tombs and castles of Europe left in shambles after the war. He discovered relics and tomes that were believed lost to time. While he love the glory he had rightfully won something else was missing from his life another itch he could not seem to scratch. He returned home to speak to his grand father and seek his advice in the issue

Henry Danger

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