Stanford Pemberton

Veteran, Mystic


Often sweater-vested Stanford Pemberton stands alone at parties and prefers to be couched and crouched over a dense tome. His reflective glasses hide dark eyes and his stiffly starched collars and cuffs cover a wiry frame that is inked with hundreds of strange images and unrecognizable text.

Portrayed by Anthony Head


“Mankind has forgotten the true meaning of power. So help us if it remembers.”
-Stanford Pemberton

Stanford met Vincent Danger while studying Ancient Sumerian Cosmology at Oxford University. Danger enticed him with a promising lead on an artifact that would bolster his thesis on Cuneiform and Proto-Sanskrit Linguistics. Since its publication, Pemberton has publicly been considered one of the foremost experts on Sumerian archeology and anthropology. Privately, he is one of the most accomplished practitioners of Sumerian mysticism and has a strong connection to dark forces long forgotten by the weak minds of mortal men.

Stanford Pemberton

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