DIB Results

DIB stands for Dramatization, Innovation, and Bad Ass. It is a tool that helps your GM reward individuals for exceptional roleplaying and moments of excitement. At the end of each game session, each player casts three separate votes for who they feel exemplified each area. Typically this is done in secret, either through ballots or text messaging. After the GM tallies all of the votes (breaking any ties as he sees fit), the winner of each area is awarded an additional starting Bennie at the beginning of the following game session. A description of each area are as follows:


This award is reserved for the resident thespian at the table. Through the course of the session they truly personified their character and left a memorable impact on the other players. This individual personified the heart of what true roleplaying and was more than just a collection of numbers on a piece of paper.


Innovation may be anything from a brilliant plan of action to a savvy understanding of the game’s rules. Either way, this player captured the ever elusive “gamer genius”. He played a major role in the success of the mission, found a way around a difficult scenario, or may have even helped to avoid the dreaded TPK.

Bad Ass

This player’s character was, simply put, totally bad ass. He dominated the action scenes or provided the most adrenaline during intense encounters. This is not necessarily a “kill-count-contest” (although it doesn’t hurt), but rather this award is used to reward the person responsible for a night of high energy and “roll and shout” moments.


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